The stylized brawler ‘Critical Zone’ transposes the bickering of those in power into space where all kinds of crazy conditions prevail!

Ludwigsburg, August 31th, 2020 — It Moves Studio and KORION Games release an utterly insane, varied and crazy satire couch multi-player game without weapons or fists. Instead of classic fighting, players have to catapult their opponents from the planets and stars of our solar system by jumping and dashing. But the players are not any old combatants, rather they take on the role of historical figures of power from our Earth for whom there is no longer enough space. Everyone is sure that they are destined for greater things and so the fight has to be expanded – into space! With a satirical wink, the escalation breaks out to a new level in the living room!

Each planet comes with its own chicanery to make the fight for our solar system more difficult. Some planets can teleport, others can terraform, you have to be careful of the heat or the cold or avoid the sun’s rays. Each map brings different gameplay!

Up to 4 players play locally in quick rounds so that by changing maps quickly, a wide variety of games is created and it never gets boring. Due to the low number of fighting methods, the game is quick to learn but difficult to master. As a result, both beginners and pros can have fun and prove their power in bitter duels. Critical Zone will be released in 2020 on PC and Nintendo Switch.



NB: We are explicitly not taking any political position with this game. The history behind the Earth’s historic rulers only serves as the premise of the game, the rest is just for fun without making any political statements. The satirical point of view is supported by the fact that all characters in the game are absolutely equal and therefore no special features of certain people are emphasized. Any political interpretation is neither intended nor desired.

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