Productions, Ports, Publishing

Here is an overview of all our productions, ports and games where we act as publisher.

Arcade Shooter
– Shoot as many chickens as you can!
Developer: KORION Interactive
Publisher: GS2 Games

Adventure / Horse Racing
– Ride across the fields around Martinshof!
Developer: KORION Interactive
Publisher: TREVA

Board Game
– The classic game!
Developer: KORION Interactive
Publisher: TREVA

Of Ships & Scoundrels

Action-Strategy for Single- and Multiplayer
– Be a pirate and conquer the seas!
Developer: Korion Interactive
Publisher: Korion Interactive

Critical Zone

Multiplayer 2D Brawler
– Push your opponents into space and take over the planet!
Developer: It Moves Studio
Publisher: Korion Interactive

Alien Escape

– Manipulate gravity and escape from the terrible castle!
Developer: NoFuel Games
Publisher: Korion Interactive

Castaway Paradise

Lifestyle, Farming Game
– Set up a new life in paradise!
Developer: Stolen Couch Games
Publisher: rokaplay
Porting: Korion Interactive

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