More Space Battle Core…



The MFG Digital Content Fund again supports the Sci-Fi strategy game Space Battle Core. After the conceptual design now the actual development and production is co-financed: MFG-press release. The development is progressing quickly. However, with Space Battle Core we need exceptionally much balancing and playtesting because:

  • the solar systems the player explores are all procedurally generated
  • both the player’s and the enemies’ space ships can have an almost infinite variety
  • multiplayer (of course) is integrated…

As a development studio we naturally are optimistic and hope to release in the first half of 2015. To do so we need support: during the extensive testing and balancing students of the University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg will assist us – and hopefully also some game enthusiastic interns. And when we finally release nothing can go wrong, since our Commander of Communications is the former chief editor of GameStar: Gunnar Lott with the agency Visibility.

New SciFi-Game with Boost from Digital Content Funds

DCF1-SBCKorion has been developing serious games and applied games for years. With the new project Space Battle Core for the first time we do not focus real or historic contexts but a hypothetical future where humanity fights for survival in space.

The turn-based SciFi-game differs from typical genre conventions in several ways: space ships are not just bought or produced on the basis of a standard design – instead they are “manufactured” independently. Thus the player becomes an engineer or engine builder. Also physics play an important role and its effects are implemented correctly.

The Korion-team benefit sfrom the experiences and solutions created in Korion’s innate areas of expertise: simulations and assistive systems. SBC will be developed as a multi-platform game for mobile devices – in the first instance for iOS and Android. The Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MFG) supports the innovative approach with the Digital Content Funds.