Crack the whip! Finally, there’s a new Sven Bømwøllen game to get it on with!

Who always thought that sheep are fun cuddly animals, now finally gets his confirmation! Just HOW they cuddle!

Much to the annoyance of senile sheep farmer Lars and his wary watchdog Wotan, who always make sure that their sheep can graze peacefully and for themselves. Perhaps this would all go according to plan, were it not for the black sheep in the flock – the immoral ram Sven Bømwøllen.

After a long wait, Sven has built up pressure. A lot of pressure! That’s why he stirs up his sheep quite a bit and, one by one, makes each of these animals happy. Because only a happy sheep is a good sheep. Unlucky for him, lamb farmer Lars sees it differently. That’s why he sends Sven’s angry adversary Wotan to chase him and put an end to the fun.

But Sven is not the only one looking for love. The rest of the helplessly herded flock is just as eagerly waiting to find a playmate. Because the longer they are without pleasure, the more bad-tempered they become.


  • The first Sven game in real 3D, lovingly animated by hand
  • The best of both worlds: Be both the active and the passive part
  • 3 different game modes: Singleplayer, Co-op, Versus
  • 20 exciting and challenging levels
  • Over 25 ways to make the sheep world happy
  • Use crazy items, now also actively usable thanks to an inventory 
  • Local multiplayer mode for up to 4 players
  • Compete with players from all over the world via the online high score list!

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