After a long hard sleep over the holiday season, Sven has finally risen to bring you more happy endings with new content and improvements.

We heard your feedback and have added a new level to each of the five areas. Additionally, our fluffy friends have familiarized themselves with entirely new positions for more pleasure and enjoyment. Anyone who has wondered how to execute the Twisted Wheelbarrow or the Spooning Caress with maximum satisfaction and minimum collateral damage, can now do so by discovering these new positions in brand new challenges.

Befitting the current zodiac sign, a wise shepherd once said: “Fish are friends, but hard to see underwater.” Although it’s better when it’s wetter, those mythical creatures show up at the shores to spend some time with their favorite ball of floof. 

Having appeared since the ever-first Sven Game, they have now resurfaced in Sven – Completely Screwed: the marvelous Mersheep!

Having had one or two too many over the holiday festivities, several empty barrels are now floating in the water, opening up new pathways. But beware, Sven has put on a few pounds for the winter, making keeping balance that little bit harder!

In the last patch, we added new difficulties with additional Larses and Wotans trying to stop the show in each level. These reinforcements are now sporting a new look so they can whip Sven’s wooly behind in even more style.

PC exclusive:

Caught gaming at work again? Fear not, for we offer a well-known, but almost extinct, solution: the boss button!

Simply press the ‘b’-key for perfect camouflage if you hear your boss’ footsteps behind you while screwing around at your workplace.

New content:

  • 5 new levels, one per area
  • 5 new unlockable positions and challenges
  • Mersheep now emerge near water
  • New skins for additional enemies
  • Sinking barrels as new game element
  • PC only: boss button for more discretion at your workspace


  • Small changes to avoid getting stuck in multiple levels
  • Revised tutorial
  • Sheep now avoid Sven when being chased by enemies
  • Sven doesn’t enter blocked areas when leaving a puddle anymore
  • Enemies now keep chasing Sven after he was shocked by an electric fence


  • Fixed an issue where devil sheep sound was played by sheep out of frame
  • Fixed an issue where changing highscore categories unintendedly changed level difficulty
  • Fixed an issue where Lars jumped through fence gates and played the opening animation after opening the gate
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could sometimes push Sven beneath the ground
  • Fixed an issue where rising acid rivers did not stop when pausing the game
  • Fixed an issue where Wotan’s head clipped through closed fence gates
  • Fixed an issue where Sven sometimes played the wrong animation when being knocked away
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could walk through opened barn gates

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