Restore order to chaos!

A violent storm has hit the area near Martinshof. Mount up and see what damage the storm has done.

Ride across the fields, jump over numerous obstacles and have Bibi the witch magic away the mess. But most of all, you can have lots of fun in fast-paced horse races, show off your jumping and slalom riding skills, take loving care of the horses and send photos to your worried friend Naomi in Australia.


  • Play as Bibi, Tina or Alex, and ride one of 10 horses from the world of Bibi & Tina
  • Complete 30 challenging missions and other exciting tasks
  • Beat your record times in the races
  • Play four great horse mini-games: grooming, hoof care, feeding and dressing up
  • Find hidden trophies to unlock horses
  • Explore the open world of Bibi & Tina: Martinshof, Falkenstein Castle, Rotenburg ruins and many more
  • A useful map will help you find your way around
  • With the famous original voices of Bibi, Tina and Alex!

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