Coop-SRHSince 2013 more and more students of the SRH University Heidelberg are working in Korion development. Especially students and graduates of the department Virtual Realities in the computer science faculty made a very good impression.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Daniel Görlich heart and soul is poured into the studies, At the same time there is a high level of professional competencies: the future game developers usually come with a solid background in Maya, ZBrush, C# and Unity. Often they can work productively after a relatively short training period.

For this reason the cooperation with the SRH will be intensified. Starting in  August 2014 the supervision of student projects, internships and final theses will be simplified. Furthermore there will be guest lectures and joined research projects. An example of this cooperation is the user experience evaluation of the current mobile gaming project Space Battle Core.

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